Bunk / Labour Accommodation


The Bunk Houses offered shall be designed & developed in pre-used Std. IS container having highest structural stability, weather-proofness, leak-proofness, & faultless operation under extreme climatic conditions.

The Bunk Houses are designed to meet the requirements at remote & isolated sites & are for use such as Living Modules & Office Units, Recreation Rooms, Kitchen Unit, Mess Units, Toilets, Shower Units etc.

The BUNK HOUSES are comfortably designed with adequate ventilation The Transportation of such Bunk Houses is done by means of normal trucks, trailers, having payload of 12 tones or on self-loading vehicles with necessary winch arrangement. The economic life of Bunk Houses is estimated to be more than 20 years. Statutory & Safety requirements are followed in manufacturing supplying the Bunk houses.

WELDING: The containerized Bunk Houses shall be of all welded steel construction using the latest method of MIG(C02) Argon Shield Gas.

TOLERANCE: The tolerance for material shall be as per respective IS specification where not specified.

  • MAIN SHELL: The main shell of the bunkhouse is an IS container whish is very heavy duty, strong and robust.
  • BASE FRAME: The main bottom (Base) frame is a part of an IS container,
  • I-BEAM SKIDS : I Beam Skids are a part of an IS Container.
  • FLOORING: 19mm marine ply is used on the base of a standard IS Container. The inside layer of the floor is covered with PVC Vinyl / Tile Flooring with 50 mm of concreting and in all bathrooms checker tiles with a concrete layer floor of 50mm shall be provided.
  • SIDE & END WALLS: Standard IS Container which is very heavy duty , strong , robust having very high payload and tare weight.
  • ROOF: Standard IS Container made in a such a manner that it can four containers full of load / material can be placed one above the other.
  • WEATHER SHED: All door 61 windows & Air-conditioner openings shall be provided with weather shed of suitable size.
  • INSULATION: All voids within the external wall and inner walls are filled with 50 to 80mm thick resin bonded mineral glass wool of 2 LBS / CFT density confirming to IS 8183.
  • INNER PANELING: 9 mm Decorative Laminated sheet sfiall screwed on the side wall on the internal. All vertical & horizontal comers shall be neatly finished with powder coated aluminum angles & biddings and the vertical joints of the panels shall be fixed with decorative aluminum bidding patties/Aluminum patties. The internal paneling of the roof shall be of 9 mm ply with aluminum anodized bidding patties. The ceiling of the roof shall be suspended from inside in IS Container.
  • 'Doors & Windows
  • DOORS : Doors shall be of 6 1A' x 2 1A' marine waterproof ply both side laminated. This external side shall be cladded with Aluminum Sheets or laminated sheet and the internal side shall be with plywood hot pressed and phenol bonded with decorative laminated sheets similar to interior finish. These doors shall be fixed with Hydraulic door closer corrosion proof and all rubber gasket packing all around door frame for complete weather proof ness.
  • WINDOWS: Windows of approx. 3ft x 2ft wherever required shall be made from high quality Aluminum anodized powder coated extruded section of suitable size and shall be of sliding type fitted with clear glasses. Quantity in number of windows shall be as per Drawing.
  • PRETREATMENT& PAINTING: The surface preparation for all steel surfaces shall be pre-treated with anticorrosive chemicals including degreasing and derusting and phosphating and these shall be additionally quoted with red-oxide, zinc chromate, primer. The external surface of the Bunk Houses shall be finally painted with corrosion resistant rubber chlorinated marine paint of reputed made and quality as per your requirements/ or pre-colour coated metal panels. First quality white colour paint shall be applied in final stage.

All wirings shall be of PVC insulated copper wire of ISI quality in PVC/Reinforced Steel Flexible Tubings / Corduits of ISI grade in caping casing format.

Sq.mm size wires shall be used in the electrical circuit for light, fan and sockets.4/6 Sq. mm size wires shall be used in all Air-Conditioner circuits and 10/16 Sq. mm size for main incoming. Necessary Weatherproof Junction box with 40 Amps/63 Amps with (3p-HE) Industrial sockets shall be provided for connecting the mains and shall be located as per your requirements. Terminating of the main incoming cable into the Bunkhouse shall be on 63 Amps TPN Switch/MCB.
Continuous earth wires shall be provided through out the circuit and external earth terminal shall also be provided. MCB's and ELCB's of Siemens make and water proof junction boxes and metal clad plug socket of Compton/Equiv make shall be provided wherever necessary.

All switches and sockets shall be of Anchor make & supplied as per requirements. Decorative fluorescent fittings shall be of Cromption / GEC / Equiv. make with power factor capacitor and copper wound ballast.

All electrical wiring shall be as per the rules and regulations of tender conforming to requirements in quality and ratings.


1. Ware Houses 12. Housing Boards
2. Industrial Sheds & Roofing 13. Club House with Swimming pool.
3. Real Estate at Large 14. Electronic Rooms (Control of Temperature)
4. Labour Camps 15. Factories
5. Sea Shore Works 16. Marine yards
6. Luxurious cottages & Rooms 17. Construction site
7. Studios 18. Water treatment plants
8. Defense Colony 19. Toll booths
9. Porches 20. Security Guard Cabana
10. Bridges (Foot Over) 21. Toilet / Bath Rooms
11. Schools    
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