Q.1 What are Archna Portable Cabin cabanas made of ?
A. Potra Cabin is sandwich panel of Polyurethane & Thermo Cole with the surface G.I Pre painted, G.I plane, Plywood or as per the customer Requirement. Materials consists of a strong, clear-span frame of M.S tube / angels & legs of M.S ISBM ( Depends on the Height of Structure.
Q.2 Are Archna Prefab Panel Walls moisture & waterproof ?
A. Archna Prefab Panels do not transmit water or moisture. However, for better water waterproofing and protection of panel walls a coat of Alkaline resistant primers.
Q.3 For Prefab Structure what type of floor is provided by the company ?
A. The company provides only structure & The panels. The floor is provided by the customer to suit the site conditions
Q.4 What would be the depth of the foundation required for your Prefab houses ?
A. Depth of foundation depends on the site conditions. The weight transmitted by the panels of prefab system will be less than 15% (per foot run of the plinth)of the weight transmitted by the conventional building of simple low cost type. So prefab requires much lesser depth of foundation than conventional houses. In many cases a level platformwith nominal depth of foundation will be sufficient.
Q.5 How to reduce the heat radiation from the roof sheet ?
A. We use Sandwich insulated panels in our roofing. They have much better thermal comfort than other roof sheeting.
Q.6 For what wind pressures are these prefab structures designed ?
A. Normally they are designed to withstand storms with wind velocity of 120 Km/h, Higher strengths can be designed
can be on specific request.
Q.7 Are Archna prefab houses made with any proven imported technology ?
A. The houses are constructed with locally available materials and indigenously developed technologies by own technical personnel in association with structural consultants and building material manufactures.
Q.8 What applications can Portable Cabin cabanas be  used for ?
A. Archna Portable Cabin cabanas can provide weather protection or containment solutions for virtually any type of location anywhere in the world. Portable Cabin cabanas are currently used at Warehouses, Labor accommodation, Site Office Farm house, factories, construction sites, Electronic control rooms.
Q.9 When compared with the rates of conventional buildings your prefab rates are higher ?
A. Comparison should be done with prefab structures supplied by other agencies. Cost wise we are cheap compared with other prefab houses, as also quality wise we are superior to others as we utilize sandwich insulated panels for our prefab house construction, which have heat, cold and sound insulation properties. Moreover these panels can be shifted to other places by dismantling
Q.10 Do we require approval from the municipality for erecting prefab houses ?
A. Even for temporary shed, municipal permission is required. So better find out from municipality. Necessary drawings required to be furnished can be obtained from us after confirming the order.
Q.11 Can concealed electrical wiring be done?
A. PVC batons / conduits are used to conceal the wiring. However, the conducing is external and visible.
Q.12 Can electrical appliances like geyser & sanitary fixture like wash basin can fixed onto the prefab structure ?
A. Yes, all those fixtures can be fixed on to the prefab walls, but care has to be taken to do the proper bolting.
Q.13 Do the Portable Cabin cabanas require any maintenance ?
A. No, they are virtually maintenance free. Cleaning of their exterior walls can be done with wash much like the walls of a conventional building.
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