Puff Pipe Section Sheets

AIPL introduces as manufacturer of Rigid Polyurethane Foam (PUFF) Insulated Panels, PUFF Slabs, Pipe Sections and Supports, Prefab Cubicles / Shelters used for Telecom, Cold Rooms, Air-conditioning plants for Hospitals, Hotels and Shopping Complexes etc. We also manufacture Flexible Moulded PU Packaging Materials, PU Pipe Sections and Thermacol Panels. We keep especial attention on quality with the help of full time experts.

Polyurethane Foam Panels (PUFF Panels)are fabricated sandwitch-puff-panels engineered at our laboratory and manufactured at Ghaziabad, UP with CFC free PUFF material. These are ready panels to assemble for cold storage, shelters, building sheds. Panels are provided with overlap self adhesive joints and specially designed Cam locks to enhance airtight assembly. PUFF Sandwitch panels are available with pre coated GI sheets, SS sheets or as directed.

Puff Panels - MS, Pre-coated, SS or PVC/ABS/PP in required thickness and standard 40 KG /M3 density. Thickness available ranges from 50 mm to 150 mm. Sandwitch Puff Panels are also available in different sizes & thickness suitable for cold storages, telecom, shelters etc.

These panels are the most economical thermal insulation materials with temperature ranging from - 4O°C to + lio°C for various applications in Building and other Industries. Material has the lowest thermal conductivity (K=o.i4 K Cal/mhroC).

*  Light weight AHU for HvAC Industries
*  Versatility Cold Storage
*  Vider Temperature Range Vessels
*  Greater Cost Effectiveness Equipments & Tanks
*  Higher Mechanical Strength Piping & Ducts
*  Ease of Application Building Roofs
*  Longer Life Heat Traced Pipes
FOMATHANE - Polyurethane slabs / Pipe sections etc.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Fomathane products are manufactured form imported CFC Free chemicals of reputed multinational firms and processed in our State of the Air Plant, meeting international standards. They are the most economical thermal insulation materials – temperature ranging form - 1800C to + 1100C for various application in Building and all type of Industries. K values of these materials are the lowest of all the Thermal Insulating materials.


*Light weight * Easy to handle * Contributes to he strength of the structure * Does not shrink or settle *Resists water *Adheres to most metals *Compatible to most Metals, Bricks, Gypsum, Paper & wood, its C.F.C free.

The PUF foam has the following technical features :

Has the lowest thermal conductivity (K=0.14 K Cal/mhr0C) Provides an economical solution to insulation and ceiling/sealing problems for roofs of Air-conditioned/Air-conditioning buildings.

Possesses a very wide continuous operating temperature range from -1800C to + 1100C. Saves working time upto 75% and in investment upto 30% compared to conventional methods of sealing and insulation.

It is resistant to chemicals. ( Carbo-hydrates, Mineral oils, Normal patrol, Diesel fuel etc.)

It is resistant to microbes and pests and is unaffected by Fungi, Mildew, Parasites, Termites, Ants etc.




Fomathane products are light in weight and can be handled very easily for installation. These can be cut to size with knife to any shape. To be stored indoors and stacked properly.

Fomathane products can be supplied with different facing to meet various customer needs. Aluminium foil Aluminium foil embossed with Kraft paper.
Technical Specification

Standard Density (32-40) kg/m3 BS 4370
Temperature Limits 1800C to 110c C BS 4370
Thermal Conductivity
At 100 C mean
0.014k Cal/mhr C to 0.021 BS 4370
Water Vapour Transmission Max 5.5 Ng/Pasm IS 11239
Closed Cell % 90-95% BS 4735
Compressive Strength
Min 1.7 Kg/Sq cm
Min 2.0 Kg/Sq cm
BS 476
Ignitability Class P
Not easily Ignitable
BS 476
Part 5, 1968

SHAPES : Available in Rectangular shapes, semi circular pipe section and other shapes as per customer requirement.

SIZES : Fomathane is available in following thickness:

Thickness : 15,20,25,30,40,50,60,75,80,90,100 MM.
Width : .250 mm .500 mm
Length : 1.0 Mtr

Thickness : 20,25,30,40,50,60,75 MM.
Size : 15 mm to 250 mm
Length : 1.0 Mtr

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