Telecom Shelters

Polyurethane Foam Panels (PUFF Panels)are fabricated sandwitch-puff-panels engineered at our laboratory and manufactured at Ghaziabad, UP with CFC free PUFF material. These are ready panels to assemble for cold storage, shelters, building sheds. Panels are provided with overlap self adhesive joints and specially designed Cam locks to enhance airtight assembly. PUFF Sandwitch panels are available with pre coated GI sheets, SS sheets or as directed.

Puff Panels - MS, Pre-coated, SS or PVC/ABS/PP in required thickness and standard 40 KG /M3 density. Thickness available ranges from 50 mm to 150 mm. Sandwitch Puff Panels are also available in different sizes & thickness suitable for cold storages, telecom, shelters etc.

These panels are the most economical thermal insulation materials with temperature ranging from - 4O°C to + lio°C for various applications in Building and other Industries. Material has the lowest thermal conductivity (K=o.i4 K Cal/mhroC).

Insulated Sandwich panel construction DC fan
Variable Wall, Celling and skin thickness Window Air-conditioners
Colorbond finish Internal and external lighting
Hot Dip Glavanized base frame SPC (static passive cooler) panel
Vinyl anti-static floor covering AC power distribution board (ACPDB) / PMU
Construction grade plywood floor Cable Tray
Boot Pad for wave guide entry Smoke detector, Temperature and door sensor
Generator Inlet  
Ms step Ladder  
I Beam / C Beam (as per requirement)  

The shelter that the house and protects sophisticated and costly communication equipments/modules Are just as important as the equipments or modules itself.   Archna puts high level of research, planning and know how into designing these shelters, we Provide Indoor / outdoor shelters or cabinets for mobile base stations and telecommunication applications.

Typically a normal telecom shelter will be a fully customized product and will be designed and made as per customer’s specifications, which will have features shown on the right hand side of the sheet, while optional features can be added as per requirement.


Dimension (mm) :  User Defined / 3000x2000x2500, 4000x3500x2500,5000x3500x2500mm

Construction : Variable thickness PU Foam (CFC Free) sandwich between PPGI/PPGI panel
  PU Form density 40.2 Kg/m3, CFC Free
  PU Form thermal conductivity 0.0215 to 0.030 W/m.k
  PU Form Thickness 50 to 80 mm As per client requirement
  Walls and Celling .5 to 1mm As per client requirement  
  Flashing 0.8mm to 1 mm As per client requirement button for earthing over 19mm marine ply board,
  Floor Earthing Earthing by Copper foil, 50mm wide, 0.05mm  Thick, all 4 sides
  Permissible Floor Loading User Defined (Typical 2 Ton / m2)
Door & Lock : Integrated door panel with Aluminum channel, single leaf , hinged and one cylinder type Lock, size 900x1800mm with variable thickness PU Foam sandwich panel
Beam : ISM beam duly galvanized with tamplets & J Bolts
Sunshade/Canopy   0.6mm thick PPGI sheet, 1200mm wide to cover door
Door Step Ladder : MS (Galvanized/Powder coated)
Roof Load Capacity : 200 kg/m2
Panel Locking : Male-Female CAM lock type
Sealant  : Silicon Transparent/White type – GE make
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